A mineral appearing in nature since millennium … Shungite.

It is a special type of a coal that treats drinking water, purifies and structures it. Its unusual matrix it owes to molecules called fullerenes. Neither diamond nor graphite has them.

Equally high concentration of fullerenes occurs in meteorites found on Earth. In 1996, the English researcher Harold Kroto and his team received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for the discovery of fullerenes.

Scientific fact:

“Fullerenes were also detected in space, in 2010, by the Spitzer Space Telescope. Particles occur as a gas in interstellar space and in planetary nebulae remained after the death of stars [2]. In 2012, fullerenes were also detected by this telescope in the form of a solid, i.e. fuliterite, near the double star XX Ophiuchi [3]. “

You can also artificially synthesize fullerenes, but it is so expensive that it is used mainly in high technologies: in space, medicine, computers.

Currently, the best known shungite deposits are located in northern Russia, in non-industrialized areas, therefore pure fauna and flora.

Cosmetology also appreciates its properties. Shungite is a very strong antioxidant. It works thousands times more effectively than vitamin C or E. So it rejuvenates our body on a cellular level, gives vitality and harmony. All of these advantages have long been sought in new technologies and various treatments:  meanwhile the nature gives it to us straight up.

How does shungite water work on our body?

+ Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

+ Its bactericidal properties and lasting antihistamine effect  are unique

+ It helps in the treatment of inflammatory, allergic, viral and skin diseases, joint diseases and metabolism.

+ Regular drinking is recommended for hyperacid, colitis, colds (flu, bronchitis), bile and kidney sand, diabetes, and arthritis.

+ Helps to restore good immunity and energy in the syndrome of chronic fatigue, depression and lack of happiness.

+ It has been proven that fullerenes prevent the appearance and development of atherosclerosis.

+ As a compress, it is a remedy for ulcers, long-healing wounds, bedsore, furunculosis, psoriasis, atopic dermatite. Great for pain relief in burns.

+ Used for daily washing, it increases the elasticity and tone of the skin, eliminates fine wrinkles, flaking and swelling.

+ Shungite fullerenes restore dermal structure and accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. They also have a very beneficial effect on the symptoms of adolescent acne. Shungite restores youth and beauty of the skin.

+ Also, rinsing the hair with shungite water protects against hair loss and prevents baldness, strengthens the roots and gives the hair gloss and silkiness.

+ Shungite is also a universal sorbent (i.e. absorbs harmful elements). It is second to none because of the possibility of purifying water from harmful admixtures. It absorbs up to 95% of impurities on its surface, deprives it of turbidity and gives the water its source flavor. Removes heavy metals, colloidal iron from water pipes, nitrates and nitrites, pesticides, dioxins, phenols, organochlorine compounds, petroleum products, radionuclides, helmint eggs, viruses and bacteria from the water.

+ Visible effects can be obtained by using shungite water to gargle, mouth, nose with tonsillitis, periodontitis and rhinorrhea.

+ Shungite baths are one of the basic procedures in Russian clinics and healing baths. Sources provide the entire list of ailments treated in this way:

• allergies, skin problems, hair loss

• pancreas diseases, intestinal problems, gastritis

• cardiovascular and lymphatic diseases,

• burnout syndrome, depression, overweight,

• gynecological diseases,

• kidney problems, gallstones, urinary stones, gallbladder disease,

• hypertonia.

Another historical fact:

Once shungite was known in Russia as the aspid stone of the Roman dynasties – of Michał Fiodorowicz. Peter I, suffering from kidney stone disease, stress and upset stomach, having tried the great strength of this stone on himself, issued a decree that every soldier should wear it. Some sources even say that the battle of Poltava was won by the Russian army partly thanks to this mineral.

In the summer of 1709, there was a drought and the water reservoirs “bloomed”. The Swedish army, including King Charles XII, developed intestinal upset and quickly lost its combat condition. However, Russian soldiers, following the order of the tsar, drank only water prepared on aspid stone. The remaining Russian troops broke the Swedes. 10 years later, he first spa in Russia, “Marcialne Woda”, named after the god of war Mars, was built in the place of the healing spring by the order of Piotr.

How do we use shungite now?

Because shungite is a highly active carbon, it is also an electromagnetic radiator. So you can put it in your surroundings in various forms.

You can water house flowers and garden plants with shungite water, they will look healthy and increase their fertility.

Animals like this water too. It is as valuable to them as it is to us. It prevents the formation of stones, removes itching, flaking, allergic symptoms, improves the appearance of hair, strengthens teeth and bones, protects against infectious and parasitic diseases.

Why do I use live shungite water?

Since drinking water wells have been lined with black flint or shungite for centuries to enrich water itself and people as well, for me it is a sufficient reason  for using it. I am interested in harmony with nature and grounding in every natural form.

Such living water is a very valuable source of life. In fact, our bodies are largely made of water; afterall it is not liquid from PET bottles etc.

I use it for everything, drinking, cooking and washing. There is not even a comparison with other waters. It’s amazing.

How to prepare live shungite water?

Insert 150 grams of pebbles into a 3-liter water jug

change the water after 3 days and then the fresh water every 3 hours is safe to drink,

change water on a regular basis,

after 4 weeks, wash the coal with water and salt Kłodawa and again,

after 4 months buy a new shungite (if you purchased a noble one, then you do not need to change). Easy.

Shungite cleanses, but you can even enrich water with your favorite semi-precious stones.

For example, rock crystal perfectly energizes . We put 1 medium crystal in 1 jug of water, after 3 hours you can drink it, refill as written above, clean it once a month with water and salt Kłodawa, 1 crystal is enough for a lifetime.

If we use the right semi-precious stones we can really organize a lot of things in the body, improve body motility, as well as harmonize the energy of all chakras.

In addition, drinking live water reduces discomfort in the loins and kidneys.

Enjoy 🙂