“The right to be a person is being realized since our first breath. How strongly we feel this law can be seen by how well we breathe. If we all breathed as naturally as animals, our energy levels would be high and we would rarely suffer from chronic fatigue or depression. “

Oxygen supports metabolism. Unfortunately, our bodies do not store oxygen. We can survive a few weeks without food, a few days without water, but without oxygen it is over in a few minutes.

Breathing is a deeper bodily rhythm of enlargement and contraction, just like the heartbeat. Breathing is an expression of a body spirituality. There is life power in the air.

The way we breathe indicates the state of arousal of the body. Deep breathing calms the body down, no doubt about that. And yet it is not so easy for many of us today.

Working with breath has a positive effect on health, strengthens us, enables much more free functioning in all stress situations. It is worth being aware of your breathing. For example, sighing is a reaction to holding your breath. Healthy breathing is heard, mostly during sleep. If we breathe in an inaudible way, we are in trouble.

So what does the healfiest, most natural breathing consist of?

Well, it is the whole body’s involvement in this process. Just like small children or animals. We can really learn a lot from them. I would mention that the best is a breath with sincere delight over the beauty of life and the world that surrounds us.

Breathing and feeling.

Shallow and fast breathing, not going outside the chest and diaphragm area, constantly puts a terrible strain on our body. Breathing deeply means to feel deeply. The so-called “abdominal crying”, which we can observe among young children, is a profound sadness and despair. It is the activation of the belly that allows us to get rid of sadness or regret. However, a fashionable flat stomach can mean a lack of fullness of life, often felt inner emptiness. Lack of sensation in the abdomen is also a “deficiency of the wonderful sexual feeling of heat and melting in the pelvic region. Among such people sexual arousal is limited mainly to the genitals. “

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 How to enable your body to feel more?

Chest stiffness creates a terrible strain on the heart.

Restraining from expressing thoughts or feelings is usually at the same time holding your breathing. This is a form of resistance. One should breathe freely. Simply and fregardless anything. Free breathing can release suppressed feelings. Sometimes this is manifested by shouting. Sometimes this happens during a professional deep massage session.

 What will the effects of deep breathing be?

 Of course, this is an individual matter. It depends on how much lacks we had before. A normal reaction is tingling in various parts of the body, light stinging, crampings or even a few symptoms of hyperventilation. But all this passes. Gradually, the whole body begins to revive. “Hyper” is a very relative concept. Breathing recharges the body with fresh energy.

 “Experiencing the spirituality of the body does not depend on action, but on the feeling of strength within yourself.” And only then the fun begins 😊

 The pain of a broken heart after losing love, while working with the body, can be released in the form of a shout. You don’t have to live in the unconscious fear of being left. You can allow yourself to see this fear and mourn the loss. The world will look different, much better.

 Suppressing the feeling makes being afraid of it. It’s like keeping a skeleton in a closet and being afraid to look at it. Eventually, it turns out that it was not as terrible as it seemed.

 If we have difficulty in crying, we also have trouble with breathing. We keep our feelings inside and also stop the flow of air. It’s a straight path to a distended chest. If our values ​​are: being tough and fit and keeping our feelings at bay, then we belong to a risk group. And this especially applies to smokers. Smoking gives the illusion of breathing but does not supply oxygen to the body. It only provides a huge amount of toxins that the body has to cope with.

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 When we stop resisting and surrender to the intelligence of our body, we will see how easy it is to regain grace and health.

 Our chest may also be flat and narrow because it is insufficiently filled with breath. It can mean the act of cutting the feelings off. As before, sadness, despair, lust. Sensations strangled very early. Hence the feeling of no right to feel joy and self-actualisation.

 There is also a close relationship between feeding in infancy and breathing in adulthood. For many reasons, natural feeding has the obvious advantages. Among other things it teaches the ‘reaching out’ reflex and is generally more active; it strengthens our development in many fields.

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 “Nothing improves breathing like solid crying.” This is our main mechanism for releasing tensions, including pleasant ones. For example, some cry when they reach orgasm, which is very joyful and liberating.

 If you have a distended chest, crying is necessary. If it is too little air filled, crying is also very helpful.

 Culture has washed our brains and we think that we need to learn special breathing techniques, we need to learn how to do it correctly or that it is better to breathe with our nose than with our mouths. As a result of this thinking the jaw may tense to maintain a sense of control.

 And we just breathe through the nose in a quiet time with lower activity. Then with increased activity, we need more oxygen and we breathe with our mouths. That is all. Just listen to your wise body. It knows when it is time to composure and when to release any brakes. Don’t control.

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 Free breathing is a gift. When we breathe deeply we have a chance to feel how beautifully and wonderfully organized this world is.

 And this is what I wish for all of us 🙂