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Yoga QI Gong

According to the methods a.o. Gunther Krüger’s, M. Z. Yang’s 

Thai Massage

According to the methods Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha


Yoga QI Gong

builds a natural body where movement becomes free-flowing, light, easy and intuitive. The health of the body is profoundly influenced by Yoga Qi Gong, because it helps to restore natural balance. Ailments such as asthma, disc problems, muscle soreness, even old injuries improve or drop away. Throught the movement the body grows stronger and healthier, more balanced and in-tune with nature.

The fundamental purpose of Yoga Qi Gong is to prolong life by INCREASING internal ENERGY (QI), Not by extreme stretching. Flexibility will come with time, especially as the body loosens, in fact it will be automatic. There will be no need to force tendons or ligaments. Yoga Qi Gong is concerned primarily with ENERGY PRODUCTION.


This has an energising and rejuvenating effect on every cell in the body. The body’s soft tissue – the muscles, tendons and ligaments – begin to release and this has the effect of opening the joints more fully and removing blockages from the flow of QI in the body. With practice the body and mind begin to grow more peaceful and a state of increased natural happiness develops. The effects are felt almost immediately, and within a few months of practice, the student will feel happiness at the cellular level.

Individual approach to everyone, taking into account their age, sex, health and initial state – each person completes the course with a solid foundation for the development of self-healing practice.

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The Best of Yoga Qi Gong

Increases Life Energy

Reduces Pain and Stress

Improves the Functions of Internal Organs


Improves Digestion and Circulation

Improves Mobility, Strength and Balance

My Classes

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Yoga Qi Gong

According to the methods a.o. Gunther Krüger’s, M.Z. Yang’s 

Thai Massage

Body and mind relaxing massage


Thai Massage Nuad Boran

The body is a reflection of our state of mind. They are inseparable parts of the same whole. A holistic approach allows the release of tensions at the physical and mental level. The tradition of Thai Massage is rooted in ancient sources of knowledge from the Far East. According to a classic school, massage is derived from Buddhist philosophy and is a therapeutic effect. It relaxes, restores balance and allows you to find new layers of ENERGY for action. In an extraordinary way, it relieves any chronic pain, improves locomotor organs, eliminates joint stiffness, contractures and muscle tension, as well as depressive states. Stimulates blood and lymph circulation, thus slowing the aging process. Nuad Boran improves physical, emotional and intellectual condition. Brings comprehensive relaxation. People using Thai massage experience absolute peace of mind. Some customers, even during longer sessions, fall into a quiet nap to wake up refreshed and full of ENERGY. TM Nuad Boran is based on knowledge about the flow of ENERGY inside the human body. It combines elements of acupressure and reflexology, in which it turns out to be similar to Chinese tui na massage, Hindu ayurvedic massage and Japanese shiatsu massage. She also has clear affinities with Hindu yoga – its characteristic use of breathing techniques and stretching exercises. The massage takes place without the use of lotions or oils and in soft clothes such as tracksuit and t-shirt. Welcome.

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The Best of Thai Massage


Reduces Stress and Tension


Allows for Healthy Sleep

Relieves Headaches and Mental Fatigue

Improves Blood and Lymph Circulation

My Classes

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About Me

My name is Anna Gidzińska

In life, I’m guided by the voice of the heart and the power of calm.

I’m a qualified Yoga Qi Gong Instructor and a Specialist in Thai Massage Nuad Boran, Jivaka Body & Mind.

I take my education directly from the Gunther Krϋger, Krzysztof Szabat,  Takashi Yoshizawa, M. Zenhua Yang . I have been meeting my teachers since 2009 traveling in Europe and Asia. To this day, I faithfully follows the path of the oldest transmissions of teachings and meditation, I develop my practice under the supervision of my Masters. In the western world, I am an educated psychologist.

I’m co-organizer of numerous international courses of work with body and mind. So far I have taught in Poland, Greece, Spain and Switzerland. Now I offer massages and exercises courses in Poland.

+48 739 978 899

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Wroclaw, Poland

Mon - Fri 10 - 6

Weekends: workshops



Thai Massage Nuad Boran - sessions

Sessions 2 & 3 hours.

Mon - Fri 10 - 6

from 250 PLN

Yoga QI Gong - Basic Level Course


The program includes a daily practice of Yoga Qi Gong, tibetan methods of work with body & mind and several ways to take care of your physical and mental well-being.

It is a digital detox and a total of 24 hours of work with body & mind.
You will have to get up at 8.00 am, and go to bed at 9.00 pm. There will be delicious healthy breakfasts and warm dinners every day, and after classes and during breaks, a sauna, wise books and great company.

An individual approach to the practitioner, taking into account his age, sex, state of health and initial condition – each person will leave with a solid foundation for the development of self healing practice.

Number of participants:  up to 12 people . Investment: 1000 PLN  – 3 days (24 hours of work).

20 % DISCOUNT – for bringing additional people

Non-returnable payment for house reservations 300 PLN  to JANUARY 31th.

Full price accomodation & food: 710 PLN.


Discount for co-organizers!

Price includes: + Basic Level classes, + learning materials,+ diploma.

I will be your guide on the way of this wonderful practice.

Contact and registrate please – you will receive a detailed program. See you soon 🙂


03-06 MARCH 2022

gm. Międzylesie, Goworów

31 MARCH- 03 APRIL 2022

1000 PLN / 3 days

Yoga QI Gong - Advanced Level Course

Details soon.

25-28 AUGUST 2022

Thai Massage NB - Basic Level Course

The course is intended only for couples and individual work.

An individual approach to the practitioner, taking into account his age, sex, state of health and initial condition – each person will leave with a solid foundation for the development of self healing practice.

Program will include:
1. a solid foundation of knowledge about the tradition of Thai massage,
2. basics of foot massage, finding deeply loosening points,
3. massage of tired legs, stretching and stress relief,
4. back massage, power lines at the spine,
5. neck, release of tensions in a sitting position,
6. awareness of one’s own body, its position and light work.

Number of participants:  max 10 people .
Investment: 1000 PLN , individual 1500 PLN – 3 days – 21 hours.

10 % DISCOUNT – when registering and paying a WEEK IN ADVANCE

Discount for co-organizers

Price includes: + Basic Level classes, + learning materials, + diploma, + snacks, drinks.

I will be your guide on the way of this wonderful practice.

Contact and registrate please. More on fb. See you soon 🙂


23-26 JUNE 2022

29 September - 02 October 2022

gm. Międzylesie, Goworów

17 - 20 November 2022

1000 PLN/ 3 days

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Why Choose Me

Customized Instruction For Every Student

Thai Massage Nuad Boran – a unique type of the world’s oldest massage, originating in India and Tibet. The richest massage, it offers the most comprehensive benefits.

Yoga QI Gong- a one of a kind system of strengthening exercises inspired by Qi Gong and Eastern Martial Arts.



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What People Are Saying

“I thank Anya for the special 3 days, introduction and guidance in Calligraphy Yoga. This experience opened up a wonderful path of self-awarness for me, which I now practice near every day whenever possible.

Anya conveyed her knowledge with gentleness and joyful clarity so that my body and mind soon learned to integrate what I had learned. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her loving way of passing on this gift.” 


Dentist, Switzerland

“The whole experience with Thai Massage Nuad Boran & Calligraphy Yoga is amazing and words won’t ever express it. Together with my Significant Other we’ve been regularly visiting them for thai massage and it always was awesome. After a serious injury of mine, combined with some stressful period in too busy life I’ve been experiencing a lot of tensions.
Thanks to amazing skills and talents of Anna I finally found some relief.

Ohhh… and after the session I always enjoy a cup of great tea and conversation about life. I highly recommend Thai Massage Nuad Boran & Calligraphy Yoga.

Radek & Karolina

IT Managers, Poland

“Great massage, removes all blockages and stagnation in the body and restores them to full fitness. Ania cured a shoulder injury after one session!”


Microbiologist, Island

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